Gil Avineri Journal, late 2008

“Not Just a Job”:
Taxi Driver Insight and Inspiration

This web exhibit draws out common threads from oral history interviews conducted during the first six months of The New York City Taxi Driver Oral History Project. Many of these oral history interviews bring to light issues, ideas, and interactions that go beyond taking a passenger from one place to another —  from an intimate knowledge of the streets of New York, to a meaningful conversation with a passenger. In this exhibit, we have highlighted interview clips reflecting ideas of people, places, and community and unified through the journal art of Gil Avineri and the city of New York.

Please listen to the clip below to hear more about Gil’s artwork.

Gil Avineri, October, 2010

Thank you, Gil, for lending your art to the project and for your support throughout this year.

For more information about The New York City Taxi Driver Oral History Project or to listen to full length interviews, please visit our digital archive at


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9 04 2015
Small Scale, Big Impact: NYC Taxi Driver Oral History | Krista McCracken

[…] of participant art are available online.   These collections are complemented by an online exhibit. The interviews look at issues such as discrimination, pay, health, crime, etc.  This project […]

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