A Community of Drivers

Is there a community of cab drivers? Are there multiple communities? Do driver communities align with ethnicity, nationality, or religion? Is a sense of community possible in a profession that is so conducive to being alone?

The drivers’ answers to these questions  and perspectives on their places within the broader body of taxi drivers are remarkably varied.  Some have devoted time and effort to building a community of drivers, some feel an unspoken community through fleeting interactions with other drivers, and some don’t feel like part of a professional community at all.

Gil uses collages of taxi imagery on the covers and pages of his journals.

Beresford Simmons on the challenges of organizing drivers in the Taxi Workers Alliance and on the existing communities of drivers at the John F. Kennedy Airport taxi holding lot:

Jim Kernochan on impossibility of organizing the industry, TLC inspections and trying to help others in the industry:

Brian Levitt on fleeting moments of community:

Gil Avineri on community in the streets of New York:


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