The People of New York City

Have you ever taken advantage of the transience – the anonymity – of a cab ride? Have you been rude or kind or chatty or dismissive towards your cab driver? For drivers, each day is full of fleeting conversations, short meetings, and passing interactions with everyone and anyone — New Yorkers, tourists, celebrities, and politicians. Many of the interviews in the project speak to these moments: how passengers treat drivers, how drivers approach passengers, and the role drivers’ see for themselves in these passing moments. And there is no consensus; some keep to themselves, some thrive on striking up conversation, some just use the front seat to observe the variety of human nature that they see in and out of the back seat. As lonely as this job is, it is actually also defined by the company, the thousands of people who take New York City taxis every day.

Gil makes small notes about most of his passengers, their destinations, fares, and his daily experiences.

Beresford Simmons on interacting with passengers:

Jasbir Banwait and dealing with difficult passengers:

Bill Lindauer and joking with passengers:


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