The Streets of New York

It’s no surprise that taxi drivers tend to have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of New York City.  They drive on the streets of Manhattan,  the routes to the airports and, yes, even the outer boroughs for twelve hours a day.  Indeed, the city itself is the only place that taxi drivers all share.  Some of our interviews reveal drivers’ opinions on the best places to cruise looking for fares, favorite neighborhoods, and even how to catch all the green lights cruising on the Avenues.   Yet the drivers also reveal an intimate memory of places and often their memories of particular passengers or experiences are tied to places – an intersection, a neighborhood, a street.  You might think that driving the same streets every day makes them blend together, but these selected clips counter that notion and present some examples of drivers’ very detailed memories of places.

Gil uses color coded lines and symbols to map his shifts in his journal.

Bill Lindauer and changes in New York:

Gil Avineri on New York City as a cab driver:

Brian Levitt on driving a cab as a New York native:


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